Human Performance for Aircraft Maintenance

Purpose of the Course:

The course provides participants with the principle of human behaviour and human factors, aspects related to increasing safety, quality and efficiency in aircraft maintenance by reducing errors and their impacts on maintenance activities and the environment.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, trainees will be able to;

  • Identify common human factors that contribute to errors in aircraft maintenance
  • Analyze the roles of these factors in real-life incidents
  • Identify specific strategies to reduce maintenance errors due to these factors
  • Use course information and build personalized work-site plan reduce maintenance errors

Target Population:

  • Aircraft maintenance personnel
  • Instructor, Inspector related to aircraft maintenance
  • Workshop Technicians
  • Aircraft storekeepers

Duration: 12 hours (2 Days)

Entry Requirement:
• Have a good command of English in reading and listening

Class Capacity: 15 Seats

Delivery Mode: Classroom Classroom

The Language of Instruction: Thai / English

Location: CATC Head office, Bangkok.

Schedule and Apply at iTrain system:

Tuition Fee:  6,000 THB

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For more information, contact CATC Aviation Human Resource Development Center email:

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